Distance Counseling

Technology Assisted Counseling

Distance counseling (video counseling, “skype” counseling, technology assisted counseling) is offered as a suppliment to traditional counseling by Mt. Comfort Counseling Services within the state of Arkansas. Licensure limits do not allow me to counsel outside of the state.

Besides my normal intake forms one extra bit of paperwork is required if you want to sign up for distance counseling. Please read and sign the form you access by clicking it at the bottom of this page

It is certainly true that not all clients are best served by restricting counseling to the office setting. I reside in a rural area where transportation is an issue. Even my urban clients often lack reliable transportation. I would offer another way to be accessible for them. T A C allows me to offer more late evening appointments which are desired by employed individuals.

I will restrict myself to video based counseling for actual paid sessions. However, I know that it is often helpful for the client to communicate with me through phone calls or e-mails in times of crisis or extra stress. These impromptu sessions are covered under the umbrella of Technology Assisted Counseling. Counseling does take place if I communicate back to them. Texting is so much a part of our society that some information will be exchanged with clients through texts, but it is so abbreviated as to make it a quagmire of miscommunication. I hope to avoid it as much as possible for all but simple things like confirming appointments.

Sign ONLINE Informed Consent for Distance Counseling Form

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