Sexual Addictions

Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider – Clinical

Because so many couples and individuals are dealing with sexual issues stemming from over-use of pornography, especially internet porn, I have completed 18 semester hours of specialized training in this through Mid-America Nazarene University, receiving a SATP-C Certificatiion. Compulsive sexual behaviors of all kinds have been with mankind for ages, but the accessibility and anonymity provided by the internet have created an explosion of use that has no precedent. Sex has become divorced from an expression of love and become recreational activity where the goal is individual pleasure instead of connection. I want to help couples reconnect and to help those who have become slaves to their own sexual behavior. I offer counseling to those who find they are no longer in control of their actions, the partners of those who are addicted to the pornography and to couples who are struggling through this together.

Sometimes sexual addictions can take other forms such as serial affairs, on-line relationships, excessive masturbation, or any sexualized behavior that interferes with positive relationships with significant others and becomes an obsession.